Apple picking 2021

My original Silesian apple sauce is exceptionally delicious. The recipe is very simple. Peel the apples and then cut them into pieces. With a little water, cook the pieces until they fall apart. You have to stir well regularly so nothing gets burnt. Add a little sugar and cinnamon to suit taste. Lately I've been leaving out the sugar because I have to watch my weight. The most important thing about apple sauce, however, are the particularly good apples without bad spots. That starts with cultivation. The right irrigation is crucial so the apples get a firm flesh and the right size. The SMT100 soil moisture sensor, which I have installed in various places at different levels, helps me with this.

My irrigation system worked so well this year that I am already expanding it.

The harvest was accordingly good and I hardly manage to use all the apples for my delicious applesauce. My many grandchildren will help me with the tasting.