About me


Gardening, agriculture and automation accompanied me for my whole life. It all started on the small farm of my parents in Poland on 5 hectars with wheat, potatoes and beets. Even in these early days I thought about reducing hard work by automation. It took until 1970 before I was able to introducte electronics in our daily work. The first moon landing in 1969 was the trigger. I still have the famous TTL data book by Texas Instruments from 1972 in my bookshelf. At this time 4 bit microcontrollers like the Intel 4004 with 500 kHz clock were state of the art and performed flawlessly in a modified harverster. After migrating to Germany I discovered personal computers for me and made first steps with irrigation control and microclimate oberservation in greenhouses. During that time I enjoyed traveling very much and still have friends all around the globe. My family kept me busy for many years even during retirement but now I start again in my beloved field of eletronics and gardening even at the age of 93. Buzz words like smart garden and precision agriculture are now in my mind and I am eager to develop new sensor and control systems for my farm and gardening buddies. In my spare time I enjoy sitting in my rocking chair on the veranda watching the lush green in my irrigated garden.